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TX Child Support Calc 2016

9.99 usd

Seventh-generation Texas child support calculator. New feature: Displays monthly net resources for easy insertion into child support findings.
Calculates child support payable in Texas. No more than six inputs required:
* Whether self-employed * Gross income (minimum wage option) * Number of children * Cost of health insurance for children * Number of other children supporting * In some cases, mandatory retirement contributions
Select from five pay periods for gross income - annually, monthly, twice per month, every two weeks or weekly.
Displays child support payable monthly, bi-monthly, every two weeks and weekly.
Includes minimum wage button for quick calculation.
* Created by Texas board-certified family law attorney * Support by Texas board-certified family law attorney * Includes explanations and instructions for use * Includes references * One of a family of legal apps - search for VernerLegal
Child support changes every year - this version for use in 2016 only.